This list shows in which year the Atelopus species have been last observed in the wild. The image gives you an idea of it's known coloration. Though be aware that the coloration of the frogs in the images doesn't always represent all populations of the species, as many species are polymorphic.

This list is still in progress...  If you have some information to add please contact us. It can be photos or that you have seen atelopus species recently or at least after the date listed.


Genus Species Last seen Information Image
Atelopus andinus 2004 Peru - Surrounding of the village Iquitos
Atelopus angelito 1995 Colombia. 1 individual was found.
Atelopus arsyecue 1991 Colombia. 6 animals were ever found.
Atelopus arthuri 1988 Ecuador. click here
Atelopus balios 1995 Ecuador. click here
Atelopus bomolochos 2002 Ecuador. 1 indivudual was found in Parque Nacional Sangay. click here
Atelopus boulengeri 1984 Surveys are urgently needed to determine if this species still persists.
Atelopus carauta 1973 No confirmed record since.
Atelopus carbonerensis 1998
Atelopus carrikeri 2019 Colombia - Rediscovered 2008. Was last seen in 2004. Chytrid is present in populations. click here
Atelopus certus 2011 Last report before was 2003
Atelopus chiriquiensis 1996
Atelopus chocoensis 1998
Atelopus chrysocorallus 1998
Atelopus coynei 1984
Atelopus cruciger 2009 Rediscovered Near village Cata in 2004. Observed 2009 - decreasing.
Atelopus dimorphus 1980
Atelopus ebenoides 2006 Rediscovered in the deserts of Sarna and Toquilla, Boyacá, Colombia.
Atelopus elegans 2002 click here
Atelopus erythropus
Atelopus eusebianus 2004 Colombia. Several individuals were spotted.
Atelopus exiguus 2004 click here
Atelopus famelicus 1993
Atelopus farci 2003
Atelopus flavescens 2008 French Guiana - Large population found. click here
Atelopus franciscus 2008 French Guiana - Small population found. click here
Atelopus galactogaster 1989
Atelopus glyphus 2002
Atelopus guanujo 1988 click here
Atelopus guitarraensis 1993
Atelopus halihelos 1984
Atelopus ignescens 1988
Atelopus laetissimus 2019 Colombia - San Lorenzo, San Pedro
Atelopus limosus 2009 Panama - Kuna Yala area (mainland) / Portobelo/Sierra Llorona click here
Atelopus longibrachius 1989
Atelopus longirostris 1989 click here
Atelopus lozanoi 1993
Atelopus lynchi 1984
Atelopus mandingues 1994
Atelopus mindoensis 1989 click here
Atelopus minutus 1985
Atelopus monohernandezii 1982
Atelopus mucubajiensis 2004 Venezuela - Andes Mountains. Was not seen since 1994.
Atelopus muisca 1996
Atelopus nahumae 2017 Colombia - San Lorenzo (last report before was 1992)
Atelopus nanay 1989
Atelopus nepiozomus 1985
Atelopus nicefori 1987
Atelopus onorei 2007 click here
Atelopus oxyrhynchus 1994 Was found in good numbers 1978 and 1985.
Atelopus pachydermus 1996 click here
Atelopus palmatus 1937
Atelopus pedimarmoratus 1996
Atelopus peruensis 1992
Atelopus petriruizi 1998
Atelopus pictiventris 1996
Atelopus pinangoi 1997
Atelopus planispina 1985 One pair was found. click here
Atelopus pulcher 2019 Several individuals during last months in Cordillera Escalera. All female. click here
Atelopus quimbaya 1992
Atelopus reticulatus 1992
Atelopus sanjosei 1988
Atelopus seminiferus
Atelopus senex 1986
Atelopus sernai 2000
Atelopus simulatus