Atelopus spumarius

Class Amphibia - Amphibians » order Anura » family Bufonidae - Toads - Duméril and Bibron, 1841
Atelopus spumarius - Cope, 1871
Size male: 26 - 29 mm.
Size female: 31 - 39 mm.

Atelopus limosus Atelopus spumarius "Tahuayo"
Atelopus spumarius
- male. Population Iquitos - Peru.                                                       Atelopus spumarius - male. Population southern Tahuayo - Peru.

Geographic Range
Native to Peru.

A few of all the localities for the A. spumarius complex.
A few localitys of the huge Geographic range.

This species is reasonably common at a number of localities, and there is little evidence of a decline. However, at Filo de Santa Rita, Provincia de Colón, while relatively abundant in October 2000, only one individual was seen in December 2002 (R. Ibáñez pers. obs.).

This is a terrestrial species inhabiting tropical lowland forest. Breeding and larval development takes place in forest streams. Forest - Subtropical/Tropical Moist Lowland Wetlands.

Habitat for Atelopus spumarius in Peru
Habitat for Atelopus spumarius, Peru.

Sources, references, more information & links
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